The Songs

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Sing In Class is offering these songs for free, so you can sing them at home with your children

Have fun and stay safe

These songs are for your class to have fun with.

They are easy enough to be learned quickly.

Some of them help with learning.

They will help to bring your class together as a group for a few minutes each day.

And leave them feeling good about themselves.

They allow some children to lead.
They allow the others to operate as a team.

They invite all of them to join in a creative, fun process, sometimes by adding their own lines or verses.

The songs can be taught by your children to other classes.

They can also be sung at home, in the car,
or on the bus.

They can be performed to an audience.

Singing them regularly will improve aural skills.
And performance skills.
And reading. And listening. And vocabulary. And speaking.

They are especially useful for practising English by singing in English.

So… take a look and listen to our songs to find out more and get these songs for your class!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers, of course!) about downloading from Sing In Class…

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Where Would You Like To Start?

We now have 4 volumes of top songs available for you to take a look at, sample and download… but there’s always more in the Sing In Class pipeline, so look out for updates.

Click to choose a volume to explore:

Happy singing!