Volume One – Year Three

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Sing In Class is offering these songs for free, so you can sing them at home with your children

Have fun and stay safe

The eleven songs in our Volume 1 pack were originally written with Year 3 children (7-8 year-olds) in mind. They have nonetheless proved really popular with all ages and combine a few well known tunes with some lyrics that will get you and your class giggling and having fun.

Have a listen to a quick sample of some of the songs…

In your Volume One download pack you’ll get:

    These eleven brilliant songs…

      If you’re feeling grumpy
       …a cheeky call-response song to leave your class grinning.
    • And Then And Then …things can get serious if you’re a writer and you don’t know lots of ways to say “and then”! This song can help.
    • Ev’rywhere we go …the all-time favourite for classroom solidarity. Take turns at leading it!
    • Dad has dropped his fish and chips …controlled mayhem – learning how to sing fortissimo and pianissimo…
    • Protect me, my friend …a gentle request to the universe. Good for simple signing, too.
    • Hi! My name is Brad …whole-class chant with irrestible rhythm, and a chance to write your own lines
    • Chicken ears! …a scream, this. Practise counting backwards, and don’t forget the zero!
    • This way, that way …updated fun at sea. Ahoy!
    • A Song to End the Day …it’s good to say ‘Thank you’, is it not? A quiet song, this.
    • Dr Knickerbocker’s World Tour …includes counting to nine in other languages spoken by your class. A winner.
    • Where was the Goalie? …such a great song, from the streets of Glasgow. Insert your own national team!


  • All the MP3s you need to learn, teach and perform the songs, inlcuding performance tracks (with vocals to sing along to) and backing tracks to let the class shine!
  • A full set of printed sheet music (in PDF form) for the melody lines, for those of you who like that sort of thing.



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