Volume Two – Year Four

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Sing In Class is offering these songs for free, so you can sing them at home with your children

Have fun and stay safe

The twelve songs in our Volume 2 pack were originally written with Year 4 children (8-9 year-olds) in mind, but they continue to prove really popular with children (and grown-ups) of all ages and combine a few well known tunes with some lyrics that will get you and your class giggling and having fun.

Have a listen to a quick sample of some of the songs…

In your Volume Two download pack you’ll get:

    These twelve brilliant songs…

    • SuperGran! …number 1 favourite, this song. Grannies are universal, but this one’s special, innit!
    • We like singing this song …a really bouncy number that can be sung in unison or in parts.
    • Chocoholics …doing division with laughs. And one-line solos for your lovely show-offs!
    • A Limerick Song …’HahahaHAH! Limericks make me laugh!’ Add your own, either researched or written.
    • I like to workout, I like to surf a bit …an easy four-part doo-wop round (but it could be done in two.)
    • Isn’t it a lovely day or isn’t it? …a simple cheerful ditty for two groups to sing together. Good for walking.
    • Ev’rywhere one goes …you ask your class who thinks they’re posh and they’ll all put their hands up! One has to sing this with one’s tongue firmly in one’s cheek…
    • My bonny five fingers …a fiendishly kinetic brain-break, and VERY useful when you’ve got visiting dignitaries…
    • The Keeper would a-hunting go …a traditional song which, amazingly, kids just go for in a big way. See the next song too…
    • My dad he would a-shopping go …a contemporary take on The Keeper, allowing your own verses to be added.
    • I say, I say, I say …55 ways to say ‘said’, hehe!
    • Frank Sumatra …a bit of three-part rhythmic monkey bizniss – perfect for a Java fuelled brain-break!


  • All the MP3s you need to learn, teach and perform the songs, inlcuding performance tracks (with vocals to sing along to) and backing tracks to let the class shine!
  • A full set of printed sheet music (in PDF form) for the melody lines, for those of you who like that sort of thing.




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