Volume Three – Year 5

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Sing In Class is offering these songs for free, so you can sing them at home with your children

Have fun and stay safe

Our Volume 3 pack consists of twelve songs for Upper KS2 (9-11 year-olds), although many would be suitable throughout school. Some of them include some simple part singing, some have little solos for stars to shine and there’s even some rapping! Like all of the Sing In Class songs, they continue to prove really popular with children (and grown-ups) of all ages (not just Year 5 or Year 6) and combine a few well known tunes with some lyrics that will get you and your class giggling and having fun. As in all of the packs, there’s a couple of chants and brain-breaks for those odd moments where you want to do something different and have a laugh.

Have a listen to a quick sample of some of the songs in Volume 3…

In your Volume Three download pack you’ll get:

    These twelve brilliant songs…

    • Granny’s In A Band …Granny’s on her adventures again! This time she’s giggin’ all over the place. Rock’n’roll!
    • First Love …time to practice your cute voices and a bit of maths, specifically those awkward products between 42 and 81! Ahhhh.
    • Gorton Albion …pass! Shoot! Sing! Football and singing go together far better than Albion’s front two!
    • Get The Point …when you’re learning decimals, that pesky decimal point needs a good talking to keep it in the right place! A bit of hip-hop should help.
    • Christmas In The City …a thoughtful song to remind us to keep our eyes open to others at Christmas. Could be sung or even acted in two parts.
    • Respect …everyone needs respect, or we’ll get in quite a jam. In this song, children can stand up and not be afraid to ask for respect for what they are and what they do…
    • Fantasy Football Team …A massive fave, for football fans, animal experts, or just people who like singing daft stuff! Who would be in your squad? Write your own line to include your own team or pet.
    • Drop Your Litter …we all know where litter should go, but how often do you have to tell your class? If only there was a song that would get stuck in their heads…
    • Senzenina …a beautiful and simple anti-apartheid song from South Africa, arranged in two parts for stunning effect.
    • Foot’N’Mouth Brain Break…funky, foot-tapping, foot-splatting chanting fun with a naughty dog and some groovy moves that are great for co-ordination. Betcha can’t keep a straight face though!
    • Hmm …”is a hmm the same as a hum?” asked Pooh. Yes! And it’s really useful to get your class singing in these easy parts!
    • Lashoni’ Langa …more from South Africa. This time it’s a lively number about the setting sun. A classic in 3 simple parts.


  • All the MP3s you need to learn, teach and perform the songs, inlcuding performance tracks (with vocals to sing along to) and backing tracks to let the class shine!
  • A full set of lyrics, tips and printed sheet music (in PDF form) for the melody lines, for those of you who like that sort of thing.



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