Volume Four – Year Six

The Sing In Class Volume 4 pack contains ten songs that are great for Upper Key Stage 2. As with all the Sing In Class songs, they’d also be great for kids (and grown ups) of all ages. In this volume there are songs to help learn languages, songs for fun, songs to make you think and even one to help you cook. So, without further ado, check out Volume Four!

Have a listen to a quick sample of some of the songs in Volume Four…

In your Volume Four download pack you’ll get:

    These ten fantastic songs…

    • Granny’s Pesto Recipe …everybody should be able to make pesto. You can do it in the classroom because it requires no heat, and you can remember how to do it with a song.
    • Clap hands, Doop De Doop!…a fun upbeat chant to start the day.
    • Swing Low Blues …this one has a blues feel, with a familiar chorus and verses from three different songs.
    • Tell Us Shepherds, What you Saw…For your class to sing at Christmas Time. the lyric is translated from a 12th century plainsong antiphon.
    • SuperGran En Europe…Gran’s back, and this time she’s gone continental! This is Super gran from Volume 1 translated into some other European languages.
    • Mr Blake’s Angel …the chance to sing a magical song from another age, with Mr (William) Blake’s words, in four parts if you like…
    • Salty Tale …two groups, one tapping, one clapping, keeping in time and getting faster together. Sound easy? Challenge your class in this nautical number.
    • Swimmin’ In the Belly Of A Whale … rhythmic chant to raise the awareness of bad habits. It’s important to let the children write their own verses of what they consider to be “slippery slopes”.
    • Hold On, Just A Little While Longer …a terrific gospel number! You’ll soon have your class moving and swaying like a gospel choir.
    • Lundi Matin…exercise a little français and learn the days of the week in the language smart chanson


  • All the MP3s you need to learn, teach and perform the songs in Volume Four, inlcuding performance tracks (with vocals to sing along to) and backing tracks to let the class shine!
  • A full set of printed sheet music (in PDF form) for the melody lines, for those of you who like that sort of thing.



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